6 Most Memorable Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl battle of the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers in February of 2013 was the most watched television event in TV history, according to the Los Angeles Times. With a 71 percent share in the ratings and 108.4 million viewers, it’s not surprising some of the most memorable commercials appear on Super Bowl Sunday. Here’s a look at the top six.

Coca-Cola – Mean Joe Greene

In 1979, Super Bowl viewers everywhere watched Coca-Cola’s Mean Joe Greene commercial, and this ad always seems to appear on the list of best Super Bowl ads. Joe Greene’s team the Pittsburgh Steelers went on to win in 1979 in Super Bowl XIII, but perhaps it’s the gesture of throwing his jersey to “the kid” we love most, proving Mean Joe isn’t really “mean” at all.

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GoDaddy – Your Big Idea.Co

Super Bowl XLVII, pitting the Baltimore Ravens against the San Fransisco 49ers, brought us the GoDaddy “Your Big Idea.co” commercial. The video amusingly encourages those looking to start a big idea to create a website on GoDaddy. Unbeknownst to the many who think they have the only “big idea”, there are many others in the commercial—all with a big idea. GoDaddy’s brilliance comes with showing how everyone can get up and running with their own website and domain name quickly. We bet founder and CEO Bob Parsons was pretty pleased with this ad—especially the end showing spokeswoman Danica Patrick as an airline pilot.

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Budweiser – Clydesdales: Brotherhood

Also in 2013 came the standard for Budweiser—their Clydesdale commercials. Fans were left smiling and even teary after viewing the Clydesdales: Brotherhood commercial. In the ad, a trainer teaches a young Clydesdale from youth to adulthood on how to become the best of the best and make it to the big leagues of Budweiser fame.

Once the horse leaves for fame, the trainer realizes the famous Clydesdales are coming to his hometown. Of course he goes to the parade and thinks his old friend won’t notice him—in the end, however, a touching reunion is what makes this Super Bowl commercial memorable.

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Snickers – Betty White

2010 may have been the year actress and comedienne Betty White started to shine again. In this fabulous ad, a group of guys playing football scramble around and we see White playing along with them until she’s tackled. After some cajoling, once Betty is given a Snickers candy bar, she is instantly turned back to “herself,” or one of the guys. This memorable Super Bowl commercial also includes Abe Vigoda.

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Monster.com – When I Grow Up

In 2008, online job giant Monster used kids in a parody of what they wanted to become when they grew up. The kids purposely choose bad careers such as a “brown-noser” and a “yes man” to reinforce Monster’s message that there is always a better job waiting for you somewhere.

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Pepsi – Cindy Crawford

Not to be outdone by Coca-Cola, Pepsi used super model Cindy Crawford to advertise their new Pepsi and Diet Pepsi can redesign in a 1992 ad campaign. Crawford arrives at a dusty gas station in a sports car and once she gets out, she is seen by two teenage boys who literally gasp at her—she is scantily clothed in short-shorts and a tank top. The boys watch her step up to the Pepsi vending machine, drink down an ice cold Pepsi and one announces, “Is that a great new Pepsi can or what?”

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Super Bowl commercials and the ad agencies behind them will continue to wow audiences around the world, but these six are certainly ones to remember.

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