Hard Hat: Ideal Safety Gear for Head Protection

Hard Hats are typical protective head gear which is commonly used in construction sites and other work places where there is a possibility of a head injury. These helmets protect the wearer’s head from adverse weather conditions, from objects falling, electric shock, and dangerous debris. Hard hats protect the head that contains vital organs to keep you alive. Within the head are the eyes, ears, mouth and nose. A single injury can prove to be fatal, hence it is necessary to have head protection at all times where there is a potential for accidents to eliminate head injury.

Hard Hats consist of an outer shell which particularly deflects blows or hits on the head. Inside the hat is a shock absorbing suspension that protects the neck, scalp, shoulders from spills and splashes. Most of the hard hats insulate the wearer from electric shock. Many modifications can be made to the hat according to the working condition, goggles, face shields, and ear protection could be added.

90889There are three classes of hard hats. Class A are mainly used in construction, mining and in manufacturing units. They protect the head against impact but are not for voltage protection. Class B Hats are the ones to guard against burns and high voltage and to protect the head from falling objects. Employees must determine the type of working condition before deciding on the type of hard hat that is suitable.

Hard hats that are specially used in construction sites, where there is possibility of falling objects striking their head against falling objects or coming in contact with hazardous materials. All Hard hats must comply with industry standards and fit their proper class requirement. Hard Hat colours signify different roles on construction sites. White often signify supervisors or engineers, blue are the technical advisers, green is worn by inspectors, yellow by labourers, and orange or pink by visitors and new employees. Colour designations vary from company to company. When there are large projects it is sometimes the practice for all employees to wear the same colour hat.

Basically a Hard hat gives the worker a distinctive profile, identifiable in the peripheral vision for safety. It is protective gear for manual workers in industries, for mine workers, construction workers, fire fighters and even sportsmen like base ball require hard hats are needed to defend themselves from falling debris, electric shocks and baseball ball. Mining Safety Appliances or MSA are world leaders in manufacturing these safety products from helmets, breathing apparatus, military communication, gas monitors and more. They were the first to produce fire helmets known as skull guards, and the second batch of light plastic helmets known as Top guard. MSA hats have ratchet suspension, side lock suspension to custom hard hats with an insignia.

MSA hard hats need to be cleaned regularly to remove dust, dirt and other debris. MSA’s iconic V gard line of hard hats been identified as unique and the v shaped crown has saved countless lives by protecting them from falling objects. Now workers have the option of using a hard hat that protects not only them but the environment also. These hats are produced from 100% renewable resources.


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