What You Need To Know About Starting a Moving Company

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When you decide to start a moving company, you will need at least one truck to carry things and enough manpower. These types of moving services haul items such as furniture, appliances and even office documents. If you want to develop a successful business, then you will invest time and energy into creating a proper foundation for your moving company


A key step is to create business plan. The plan does not have to be greatly long and will not be permanent; however, it should include crucial information and goals about your business. You must have name,pick a business structure and obtain tax information (e.g, tax permits, IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN). For more help,you must create a name, choose a business structure and obtain tax information (e.g, tax permits, IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN). For additional help, you have to find state’s Secretary of State website and carefully read the available information of how you can start your own moving service in your state. Also, contact the Small Business Administration or SCORE for help in preparing a solid business plan.


There a lot of types of moving vehicles that you can use for your business and that include pickup trucks, vans, box trucks and flatbed trucks. But before picking the right vehicle to use you have to consider some features like the slope as you evaluate your business objectives. You have to have a budget for the supplies including tie-downs, dollies and blankets. Make a thorough research of the price tag of being bonded, licensed & insured which varies in lots of companies. Find out how you will market your business. Also, you have to decide on how you will limit your office hours like (only Monday through Friday vs. anytime including weekends). Take some time to place advertisement like flyers, newspapers, local magazines, craigslist.org and buy business cards for your marketing strategy.

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You must create a website for your moving business in order to get notice and of course market your services being rendered. Always provide contact information so that potential clients can reach you immediately. If you don’t have enough budget you can still pull off a great and professional looking websites and later change it as your company grows. Contact local community college students to develop a website in exchange for the experience, reference and a reasonable fee.

Get the idea that no moving company is 100% perfect. Accidents will happen and that is why you need to always have an adequate insurance like New Jersey movers.


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