Finding the Right Consultants

For small businesses and startups, consultants can be a vital injection of experience and expertise into a young team without having to make permanent hires you can’t sustain. Consultants are not without expense, however, so you need to make shrewd choices about where you spend your money to ensure maximum impact for your business.


Today we’re taking a look at different kinds of consultants and what they can do for you, so you can find the right consultants for your business and your needs.


Strategy Consultants


A long term strategy can be a hard thing to build towards when you have a dozen short term crises to deal with every day, but if you don’t have a plan for where your business is going, those short term decisions can tear it apart. Building a strategy ensures every decision you make is pulling in the same direction as part of that plan for the future, and strategy consultants can help here by finding the right long term strategy for you and your business, and helping you find the ways you can apply that long term strategy to your everyday tactical decision making.


If you’re interested in strategy consulting firms London hosts agencies of sizes to fit many different needs and budgets.


Growth Consultants


Growth consultants can be a blessing to a business – or a dangerous double edged sword. Many businesses reach a stage in their development where they want to grow (or, in the parlance of startup culture, ‘scale’), and growth consultants – sometimes styling themselves growth hackers – can make that happen quickly. But quick growth isn’t always a boon for a business: if you don’t plan carefully, you could find your capacity to deliver outstripping your new demand. Your customers or clients will suffer and they won’t come back – fast growth may actually damage your business in the long term.


While growth hackers can be valuable for a business set up for rapid expansion, make sure that’s you before you start working with them.


Operations Consultants


In many ways these are the opposite of growth consultants: rather than expanding your business, they’re about optimising your existing business to make sure it’s at its most efficient. There are generalised operations consulting firms but also specialists who can take deep dives into your supply chain, financial processes and productions and delivery to make sure you’re getting the most value possible out of your business.


It’s most common for businesses to consult operations consultants during financial downturns or periods of hardship but they can be of value to a business at any time and are well worth looking into.



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