Generators: essential at home, work and for leisure

Gasoline-Generators-with-CE-XR6500-Purchasing a generator isn’t usually the first thing that springs to mind when buying things for the home. However, in the event of a power cut it could be a life saver. A generator could ensure you have access to heating, lighting and others essentials, should the unthinkable happen.

Electricity is something that most of us take for granted in the home. We pay the bill each month in return for a never ending supply. Power cuts are something most of us don’t even consider, but they are common, particularly, in adverse weather conditions such as gales or heavy snow.

1. At Home
If you have ever unplugged your freezer by accident, or lost your broadband connection for technical reasons, you will have experienced a sinking feeling. Not only must your food be thrown away, but having no internet, means you can’t finish your work. Both are inconvenient, but having no internet could spell disaster for those who work from home. Investigating generators for sale could offer security for those who rely on a home computer for work.

In a real emergency, a generator will not cover all the electrical requirements of an average home, but could supply the most crucial ones. Many appliances need a 240 volt supply, necessitating a large generator. Generators are designed to work with a transfer switch, allowing you to quickly and easily power essential home appliances, should you suddenly lose your electricity supply. There are generators for sale online and having one on standby could offer peace of mind.

2. Industrial Use
Generators are used throughout industry in manufacturing, construction, agriculture and mining. They are also essential in hospitals, research institutes and police stations and critical safety systems such as medical and life support equipment and fire protection systems.

Each business owner or organisation has their own requirements and will need to consider factors such as decibel rating (many areas have noise regulations, particularly at night), fuel efficiency and running time.

Some models adjust engine speed to match the power requirement, allowing for maximum fuel efficiency. Others have large fuel tanks so you can keep them running for long periods of time without refilling. Many generators have a feature called Auto Throttle which automatically reduces engine speed when all loads are turned off or disconnected.

3. Recreational use
A generator can be an essential part of a camping, caravanning or boating kit. Most camp-sites have a limit on noise, so you’ll need to consider decibel rating and factors such as size, weight and what devices you are planning to run on it.

A generator is an essential item of equipment for the home. With the weather an unpredictable force in the UK, a power cut is always a possibility. A generator will provide a source of electricity should the power go off in heavy snow or storms.

It is also ideal for taking on holiday and means you will always be able to enjoy a few home comforts – such as a television – while you are under canvas. Outside the home, generators power construction, agriculture and industry.


Marc Samuels writes regular features about the construction industry for a range of websites and blogs. He uses sources such as Yorpower for research purposes.


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