Plan Ahead to Save on Dorm Expenses

If you have teens you’ve most likely already planned for college and have a good idea how expensive it’s going to be. Tuition, books, and a vehicle are all big budget items that you’ve most likely already figured out but there’s another aspect you’ll need to invest in as you empty your nest: your teen will be moving into a limited-space dorm and he’ll need all the necessities to start life on his own. Here are some tips to help him shop for the next phase of life so you’re not totally stressed the month before he leaves home!

First of all, make a list. Your teen’s college will have one on their website under the dorm category so you can use that as a guideline. Basically he’ll need everything for a bedroom and study area as well as bathroom amenities and some basic kitchen items. Here’s a quick breakdown of each, and you can find examples at Our Campus Market:

Bedroom: besides sheets, bedding, and pillows you should consider a mattress cover and a foam-type mattress pad. Extra throw pillows will make it easier to read in bed on those late homework nights.

Study: a desk lamp and basic office supplies are in order as well as a trash can, file folders, printer, paper, and extra printer cartridges. A white board is great as well as wall hanging systems that won’t damage walls or will stick to block walls.

For the bathroom, remember he’ll be sharing. A plastic tote to carry his shower and shave accessories is perfect as well as lots of towels. He’ll need a hamper and a couple of laundry baskets, too. If he’ll be doing laundry on campus add laundry soap, dryer sheets, and a couple of rolls of quarters to the mix.

While he won’t have a kitchen in his room he’ll still be eating there! Check with the college to see what appliances are allowed in the dorm rooms. A dorm fridge, microwave, and coffeepot are basics. Plenty of paper plates and utensils are a big plus, and make sure to get a couple of can openers and a trash can!

If you’re getting bogged down you can get an Our Campus Market coupon and order many of the necessities online.


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