The Best Cybersecurity Businesses to Invest in for 2018

Cybersecurity was a hot topic this past year. This is due to high profile data breaches such as Equifax and DNC computer hacks.

In fact, industry experts are expecting the revenue of cybersecurity firms to increase exponentially. By 2022, the cybersecurity market is expected to be valued at $232 billion.

In 2018, increasing cybersecurity will be a primary objective for companies of all sizes. Are you thinking about investing in cybersecurity? Now is a good time. Take a look at the best cybersecurity business picks for 2018.


This leading cybersecurity and malware protection company is experiencing unparalleled growth. Fortinet has a long list of top companies as clients including Panasonic, Edward Jones, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Located in California, Fortinet offers more than an impressive roster of clients. This cybersecurity firm features growth-oriented financial reports that make its stock valuable.

  • 2017 revenue of $1.486 billion
  • Third quarter revenue increase of 18 percent
  • Overall subscription growth of 26 percent for the year

Do you want to learn more about this cybersecurity industry leader’s stocks? The company is trading on NASDAQ as FTNT.

CyberArk Software

CyberArk is another company that boasts impressive credentials. Headquartered in Massachusetts, this software company specializes in protecting privileged accounts.

Privileged accounts are managed by a company’s top IT professionals. CyberArk Software prevents data breaches from getting access to important company information.

CyberArk’s financial reports are impressive. Within the past year, sales have increased by 18 percent. CyberArk has a non-GAAP earnings of approximately $50 million dollars for the entire year.

This company is on an upward growth trajectory. CyberArk is trading on NASDAQ as CYBR.

Palo Alto Networks

With a list of over 45,000 customers, Palo Alto Networks has been featured in Fortune magazine articles.

Since last year, this company’s earnings have increased by as much as 36 percent or .74 per share. The expected revenue for Palo Alto Networks is $2.16 billion in 2018.

Palo Alto Networks is headquartered in northern Virginia. The company’s stock trades on the NYSE as PANW.

Palo Alto Networks provides a portfolio of professional services including migration consulting, architecture consulting, and configuration audits.


Qualys is located in California. This company provides cloud-based compliance and information security solutions for its 9,500 global customers.

Services include threat protection, asset management, web app security, and compliance monitoring. This company specializes in vulnerability management solutions.

This year’s third quarter revenue increased from 14 percent to 17 percent. Its third quarter revenue was $59.5 million dollars.

Qualys trades on NASDAQ. This company trades as QLYS.

How to Select a Cybersecurity Company Stock

Whether you earned your investment money or got it from a title loan, you want to invest it wisely. Here are a few tips to help you select a cybersecurity company for your next investment.

  • Pay close attention to the company’s revenue.
  • Ignore any hype surrounding potential stocks.
  • Look for stocks that are undervalued.
  • Examine the company’s profit margin.

Investing in cybersecurity stocks can be profitable as a long-term investment. These top cybersecurity picks may be great additions to your stock portfolio.



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