Understanding Community Care

Community care jobs can cover a whole range of different careers. Often, not two of these roles will ever be the same. The actual term ‘community care’ can seem awfully broad, and not allude too much, the specificity of the roles within it. So, we’re going to try and understand, in a bit more detail, what community care is, who it benefits, and some of the different roles within it.


Firstly, community care is aimed at helping those who live at home by themselves independently. Thus, the community part of community care is referring how this care is one that is administered outside the realm of hospitals, surgeries, and other distinct institutions of healthcare. This type of support can encompass much more than just healthcare services. As it includes support systems relating to the NHS, social services, public health, housing support and social security.


As there is such a broad range of services, it can also vary who is providing these services. Often there are large parts delivered by the state in the form of the NHS, social worker departments of local councils, etc. Private sector companies might also provide some services, often being partially funded by the state. For example, meals on wheels is a way in which those who can no longer cook for themselves can be guaranteed a hot meal. These are often private companies performing the preparation and delivery of these meals, usually on a contract awarded to them by the government or a local council.


The extent and effectiveness of community care varies massively across the UK. However, a common trend across the whole UK in recent years has been to put more of an emphasis on care delivered in the community. In other words, working out ways in which, those who are vulnerable and need this sort of support, can receive it without visiting the aforementioned centralised healthcare institutions. This helps alleviate the pressure these sorts of services are constantly under. While simultaneously, it allows there to be less disruption to the day to day lives of service users, as they don’t have to trek to these centralised institutions.


It’s a career that can benefit many people, while making them feel independent and part of a community. The roles within this sector can be anything from delivery driver, to a home visiting nurse, thus there is often a career for everyone within this sector.


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